Texas Holdem Poker Champion's best secrets

Texas Holdem Poker Champion's best secrets
World Poker Tour Champion's Secrets Revealed

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Free Training Video from Poker Pro Jonathan Little

Have you heard of Jonathan Little?

He has been on an incredible run over the last few years,
winning 2 World Poker Tour titles and over $4 million playing

Now he's sharing his tournament secrets with you.

Jonathan is giving away a 41-minute training video free:


In his video, he teaches you the same style that has helped

him dominate the biggest tournaments. He tells you exactly
what he's thinking during each situation.

Not only will you see what he is doing in these situations,
you'll know WHY he's doing it.

Grab your free video here: http://bit.ly/hEIq7J

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn in this video:

* Which hands you should play and which hands you should avoid.
* How Jonathan got started in his poker career.
* The ONE change that turned things around for Jonathan.
* The proper amount you should reraise.
* Knowing when you should push all in... and why.
* What you should NEVER do at the poker table.

Do you want to finally know what it's like to make deep runs
in large multi-table tournaments? Then you NEED to check out
Jonathan's free video: http://bit.ly/hEIq7J
I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about
playing sit-n-gos or multitable tournaments.

Grab your free video right now: http://bit.ly/hEIq7J

Good luck!

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